Why Breakfast is Important For Working Adults?

Why Breakfast is Important For Working Adults?

May 15, 2024

We have always heard or advised to consume our breakfast before the start of our day. However, we often skip our breakfast due to the morning rush to work. It could also lead to some bad eating habits if we are not disciplined in maintaining a healthy diet.

Skipping Breakfast

Having breakfast is important especially hectic work can cause us to skip lunch.

Have you ever felt your stomach growling early in the morning which is making you feel uncomfortable? That's a signal that you are hungry and need to consume some food.

Most of us working professionals do not have the time to consume a well-balanced breakfast early in the morning. It is also not uncommon to skip lunch when work gets hectic.

Having a long period without food could be bad for your stomach and it could lead to gastric problems in the long term.

If really there's no time for breakfast, you can prepare some mixed nuts & fruits to snack in between at work when you are feeling hungry. Although this should not replace a main meal, but it would help to provide some nutrients and energy for your body.

Physical & Mental Needs

Without breakfast, our blood sugar is low and unable to focus and causes moon swing as well.

When we're starving, our blood sugar will dip causing us to lose focus. Some jobs may require a high concentration, and focus which may cause safety issues in the work environment or to the public.

Breakfast helps to fuel our body in the morning, it provides energy for us to stay focused and perform well at our jobs or daily routine.

Hunger could also affect our emotions and cause us to have mood swings. That fits the proverb - A hungry man is an angry man.

With better wellbeing both physically and mentally, we will be more attentive to people or the surroundings.

Weight Gain

We can get overly hungry and lead to bad decision on selecting unhealthy food that lead to weight gain.

One of the contributing factors to weight gain is the overconsumption of calories with an unhealthy diet. Skipping breakfast may not directly contribute to weight gain however, it could lead to a few bad habits that can cause weight gain.

When we are hungry, our behaviour tends to lead us to make a few bad decisions when it comes to food selection. We will crave unhealthy food and consume in large portion, especially highly processed food or snacks that are high in calories and unhealthy fats.

These processed foods contains high calories and a poor balance of nutrients, with frequent consumption of these highly processed meals, it will lead to overconsumption with high calories and weight gain as a result.

While skipping breakfast may also be used for weight loss, we should avoid unhealthy ways for weight loss and plan a well-balanced diet.

You may also explore what the best nuts for weight loss with high protein, healthy fats and low calories.

Breakfast is King

There are several breakfast ideas that you can explore for morning quick bite or snack on-the-go so we do not have to endure the hunger pain and have a more pleasant start of the day.

Need a snack idea? How about nuts! Every nut comes with its own uniqueness in taste, texture, nutrition, and health benefits. Explore Camel Nuts' wide variety of nuts collection, and you will find one that best suits you!

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