The Benefits of Snacking on Mixed Nuts for a Healthier Lifestyle Blog

The Benefits of Snacking on Mixed Nuts for a Healthier Lifestyle

May 13, 2024

With the diversity of nuts in Singapore, each type of nut comes with its unique flavor, texture, and nutrition. We can add them to our diet for their health benefits, and we can be flexible with our choices by opting for the mixed nuts option, which comes in a variety packet. Alternatively, you may also purchase several types of nuts and mix them to your liking, hence benefiting from a more diverse nutrition in your diet.

Health Benefits of Mixed Nuts

By researching and understanding the health benefits of nuts, it's not surprising that you want to buy all of them to consume. However, you can do so by buying more strategically by referring to our delicious guide to nuts in Singapore, which provides an overview of the taste, texture, and health benefits.

Here are some of the health benefits:

  1. Support heart health.
  2. Support immune health.
  3. Support brain health.
  4. Support eye health.
  5. Anti-inflammatory properties.
  6. Weight management.
  7. Support bone health and energy metabolism.


    For example, to have the benefits of (3) and (6), you may consider a mix of almonds and walnuts.

    If you prefer a more convenient option, you can choose a nuts mix packet such as Natural Baked Fancy Mixed which consists of Cashews, Almonds and Hazelnuts.

    Tips for Choosing and Enjoying Mixed Nuts

    Make your own mixed nuts by choosing the natural baked type which are much healthier.

    You can opt for minimally processed nuts such as those from the natural baked range without added sugar or fat, a healthier option. They retain the natural nutrients and are generally low in calories when eaten in moderation.

    While it is enjoyable to consume mixed nuts, it is important to consider the type of nuts in the mix. Those that are higher in sugar content such as sugar peanuts and honey pecans, etc., may not be ideal for healthy snack options.

    However, it does not necessarily mean we should fully restrict ourselves from doing so. We can mix a portion that contains primarily natural baked and a small amount of flavored nuts.

    Portion Control

    Mixed nuts can be additive and portion control is important which is about a handful amount for daily intake.

    Although nuts provide numerous health benefits, we must be mindful and avoid overconsumption which can lead to weight gain because of the calorie density. We understand it is addictive to snack on these delicious snack, however, we must pay attention to the portion size.

    A common guideline is to consume a handful of nuts, a rough estimate of 30g to 40g. However, this isn't the most accurate, because we all have a different hand size. For a more precise measurement, you can consider using a kitchen weighing scale to measure the portion size.

    You may refer to the Camel nuts calories table in our article to have a rough gauge of the calories per serving size.

    A Blend of Joy and Wellness

    Mixed nuts are a recommended snack, but that doesn't mean we have to completely avoid occasional consumption of our favorite food or snacks. Deprivation isn't necessary for a balanced diet.

    In a nutshell, leading a healthier lifestyle doesn't mean we should deprive ourselves of snacks that we love. Instead, we can choose alternatives like mixed nuts that provide a variety of tastes and textures along with their nutritional benefits.

    While we can choose those that are healthier like the natural baked ones (recommended), occasionally, we can also enjoy a small portion of less healthy snacks. By paying attention to our consumption, and eating in moderation, we can maintain a well-balanced approach to healthy living.

    Every nut comes with its own uniqueness in taste, texture, nutrition, and health benefits. Explore Camel Nuts' wide variety of nuts collection, and you will find one that best suits you!

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