The Best Nuts with Low Calories To Eat For Better Health

The Best Nuts with Low Calories To Eat For Better Health

May 09, 2024

You are strolling down the grocery store, searching for the nuts section, and looking for some low-calorie nuts. Upon reaching the shelves, you are overwhelmed by a wall of nuts choices, and takes quite a while to compare.

Here is your cheat list of Camel nuts with the calories based on the serving size. So the next time, you can save a little bit more time for your shopping. The nuts are not listed in the sequence of low to high calories.

Nuts Calories Per Serving Size

Nuts calories based on per serving size.

The nuts calories table chart below are based on either a single or mixed nuts product.

Regular Nuts

Camel Nuts Calories Per Serving Size
Product Name Per Serving Size Calories
Natural Baked Almonds 45g 259kcal
Natural Baked Cashews 45g 272kcal
Natural Baked Pistachios 50g 275kcal
Natural Baked Walnuts 43g 292kcal
Natural Baked Macadamias 50g 356kcal
Honey Pecans 40g 274cal

Mixed Nuts

Camel Mixed Nuts Calories Per Serving Size
Product Name Per Serving Size Calories
Power Bounce 25g 136kcal
Power Revive 25g 157kcal
Natural Baked Fruits & Nutty 50g 250kcal
Natural Baked Nutty Berries Delight 50g 239kcal
Natural Baked Cocktail Mix 50g 253kcal
Natural Baked Ruby Mix 50g 290kcal

Is the Nuts Per Serving Size Enough?

Is the nuts per serving size enough for daily intake?

When we look at the nutritional information, per serving size does not necessarily represent the daily intake. Nuts are highly nutritional, and they should be eaten in moderation. Typically, you should not consume more than one serving of nuts daily.

These small nuts, when eaten in large portions and can contribute to high calorie intake. We understand just how addictive they can be, but we should also consider the calorie intake from the other meals throughout the day.

High Protein, Fats & Fiber

Nuts are high in protein content which you can refer to our nuts protein chart. They are great alternatives for protein intake and provide other wholesome nutrition such as healthy fats and dietary fiber.

Although nuts can have high calories in large amounts when eaten in moderation, they can be beneficial to our health and they can also be used in our fitness or weight loss journey.

Protein helps with maintenance or muscle growth, similarly to fats and fiber, it can also make us feel fuller and reducing the overconsumption of food.

Health Benefits

Nuts offers several health benefits to our body when consume in moderation.

The nutrition provided by nuts offers several health benefits hence, they are excellent choice for snacks or can be added as an ingredient to different dishes.

Some of the benefits of consuming nuts include reducing blood pressure, lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improve high cholesterol and aiding in weight management.

Abundance of Choices

Depending on your preference, there are several choice of nuts available and they can be convenient bought from retail or online stores in Singapore. The mixed nuts are excellent for people that loves a variety of nuts packed into one. 

If you are into a specific type of nuts, the natural baked range would have their original distinctive taste and texture.

Every nut comes with its own uniqueness in taste, texture, nutrition, and health benefits. Explore Camel Nuts' wide variety of nuts collection, and you will find one that best suits you!

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