The best nuts for high protein in Singapore.

The Best Nuts For High Protein

May 01, 2024

Nuts are high in protein and excellent for those who might be focusing on weight loss, working out for muscle growth, or looking for ingredients to be added to a healthy meal.

The high protein in nuts helps to curb our appetite and is typically low in calories which helps with weight loss. It also promotes lean muscle growth and can be added to various dishes to create healthy meals.

While nuts are in high protein, they also provide other nourishing nutrients such as healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to support our body's function and overall health.

Nuts can be versatile, they can be added to our breakfast or consumed as a snack when we are in a rush. It can be a late-night snack, and they are low in calories when consumed in moderation. You can find several nuts in Singapore and each comes with its uniqueness.

Here are the 6 nuts that are high in protein that you can consider for your diet.

Nuts for high protein chart ranking from high to low based on per 100g.


Peanuts are the best nuts for high protein and it is the highest among the other nuts.

Protein: 23.2g per 100g of peanuts.

At the top of the list are peanuts, which contain the highest protein. However, peanuts, also known as groundnuts, are not technically nuts! They belong to the legumes family but possess nutty flavor.

Peanuts come in a variety, they can be batter-coated, sugar-coated, or roasted (salted or unsalted). For the healthier choice, consider Camel Shandong Groundnuts which offer a naturally nutty flavor and are roasted without added salt or preservatives.

If you prefer to have a more flavorful or fragrant choice, you may enjoy the cracker, sugar-coated, or roasted & light-salted peanuts.


Almonds are one of the best nuts for high protein, it is a true nut and second highest protein in the list.

Protein: 21.4g per 100g of almonds.

Almond nuts with the second-highest protein content on the list and they are used in many ways - consumed as a snack, used to make beverages like almond milk, blended into almond butter spread, added to salads or desserts.

The natural baked almonds would be the healthier choice and if you have a sweet tooth or are feeling adventurous, the honey almonds or smoked almonds would be more enjoyable.


Pistachios is on par with almonds for the best nuts with high protein.

Protein: 20.5g per 100g of pistachios.

Just wondering, are you the type to consume while removing the shell or remove the shell and accumulate a handful before starting to eat? I'm the latter!

Pistachio nuts, are also high in protein which is comparable to almond nuts, offer a different flavor and texture experience. If you prefer slightly sweeter nuts, natural baked pistachios would be more favorable!


Cashews is well-rounded as nuts for high protein and other essential nutrients.

Protein: 17.4g per 100g of cashews.

Don't be fooled by cashew nuts plain appearance, they boast a light crunch and a buttery, creamy finish! These pleasant tasty nuts are delicious but also packed with high protein, healthy fats, dietary fiber, and antioxidants and provide many health benefits.

For a healthier choice, opt for natural baked cashews which retains all the goodness! If you prefer to have an extra crunch, try the roasted or satay cashews, while honey cashews are perfect for those with a sweet tooth.


Walnuts is a superfood for brain health, being one of the best nuts for high protein and contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Protein: 14.6g per 100g of walnuts.

While walnuts may not have high protein as compared to other nuts, it is still a valuable source of protein. They are known as the best nut for supporting brain health with plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and neuroprotective compounds.

This superfood is used in many culinary dishes and is delicious to snack on natural baked walnuts for its nutty fragrance!


Peacans is a valuable nuts for high protein, it might not be the best but it contains essential nutrients to support heart health.

Protein: 9.96g per 100g of pecans.

Pecan nuts may be at the bottom of the list, but by no means they are the least nutritious! They are highly nutritious and known to support heart health such as reducing the risk of coronary artery diseases.

Glazing with honey with pecans makes them extremely delicious and addictive!

Moderation is Key

Certainly, nuts are excellent sources for high protein and packed with other essential nutrients, however, they should be eaten in moderation and it is recommended to refer to the serving size guide.

Nuts should not replace the main diet, but they can be added in as part of your diet with their nutritional benefits. We recommend choosing the best nuts that you enjoy rather than focusing too much on the protein. While nuts could be useful for your weight loss journey, do avoid the unhealthy ways to diet and focus on improving a healthy lifestyle.

Every nut comes with its own uniqueness in taste, texture, nutrition, and health benefits. Explore Camel Nuts' wide variety of nuts collection, and you will find one that best suits you!

*Disclaimer: Nutritional information is sourced from USDA FoodData Central (, accurate as of 2023. Data provided for reference only, without consideration for post-processing by-products."

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