The best nuts for weight loss that include almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, and pecans. Healthy snack for weight loss.

Best Nuts To Eat For Weight Loss

Apr 29, 2024

Some of the key nutrients that we often consider in our diet when we are on a weight loss journey are protein, fats, and calories. While we typically explore ingredients that align with our weight management goals, nuts can be added for their nutritious content, which is high in protein and healthy fats while being low in calories.


almond almonds nut nuts weight loss diet

Almond nuts have one of the highest proteins as compared to the other nuts. With every 100g, it provides 21.2g of protein. They are excellent nut choices that aid in muscle growth.

It also contains high healthy fat content that helps to make us feel fuller and without the need to snack in between meals. This would greatly help with the weight loss journey to prevent us from overeating and reducing calorie intake.

The natural baked almonds would be the healthiest choice to consume for weight loss, without any added sugar or salt. Packed with high protein, healthy fats, and low in calories.


pistachio pistachios weight loss nut nuts diet dieting

The next runner-up! The Pistachio nuts surprisingly also contain high protein that aids in muscle building and high healthy fat content gives you an energy boost that sustains your appetite for longer so you snack less in between meals.

Pistachios require some effort to remove the nuts from the shell, this would promote slow eating and prevent overeating. In terms of calories, it is almost similar to or lower than the almonds. The natural baked pistachios are perfect for weight loss too!


Do you prefer a more buttery flavor? Cashew nuts are right up your alley. A buttery and creamy texture that is unlike other nuts, cashews are softer on the tongue and pleasantly addictive.

Renowned for being rich in vitamins and minerals, these small nuts are made to sustain not just your weight loss goals but also, your health. These nuts are energizers due to the amount of healthy fats they have. You never have to worry about going hungry due to calorie deficiency.

Having just a handful of these Natural Baked Cashew nuts is extremely beneficial to your health and journey towards a healthier you!


pecan pecans nut nuts weight loss diet honey sweet

Have a sweet tooth? We highly recommend our Honey Pecans! Lightly coated in honey a sweet treat to get through the tough diets, weight loss could never be sweeter.

Pecans are abundant in healthy fats and fiber making you full from just a handful of nuts. Not only are the healthy fats easily used by our body as fuel, but the high amounts of fiber they contain also pass through us. The cherry on top is that they are rich in vitamins and minerals that help support a strong body.

Every now and then remember to treat yourself to a guilt-free handful of Honey Pecans after all your hard work.


walnut nut nuts diet weight loss dieting walnuts

Talking about flavors, we can’t forget about walnuts! They have an earthy nutty flavor extremely down to earth. Ranked as the nut containing the highest amount of healthy fats we guarantee you won’t feel hungry.

With high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts help you curb your urge to snack on unhealthy foods. Another benefit it brings is increased metabolism which helps us to convert our calories into fuel for the body to use.

Equip yourself on your weight loss journey with our Natural Baked Walnuts for the most benefits and fastest results.

Weight Loss is a Tough Journey

Weight loss journey is a tough and long term process. We tend to focus on the most efficient methods, which could lead to the unhealthy ways for weight loss.

By incorporating fitness and healthy diet routine into our lives, we can achieve weight loss in a healthy way and it should not stop us from eating our favourite food or snack where moderation is the key.

Nuts are generally low in calories, yet they are highly packed with nutrition, and there are several nuts in Singapore to choose from.

Every nut comes with its own uniqueness in taste, texture, nutrition, and health benefits. Explore Camel Nuts'  wide variety of nuts collection, and you will find one that best suits you!

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