Swap Office Pantry Snacks with Nuts for Healthier Choices in Singapore

Swap Office Pantry Snacks with Nuts for Healthier Choices in Singapore

May 17, 2024

For many of us who work in offices, we can all agree that taking a short break in the office pantry is a must, which gives us a moment for stress relief. Snacks that are found in the pantry are usually chocolates, sweets, and crackers that contain high calories, unhealthy fats, and added sugar content.

Although these unhealthy snacks can be irresistible, we can always opt for nutritious alternatives such as healthy nuts in Singapore to snack on. Furthermore, having healthy food or snacks in the office pantry could also improve worker's performance and health.

Work Stress

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Here is an interesting fact - stress can induce our appetite to consume food or snacks that are high in sugar or fats. It is certainly unavoidable to feel stress in a highly competitive and hectic corporate work environment especially when dealing with high-profile projects or piling up of workload.

Rather than going for unhealthy snacks, nuts such as almonds or cashews are magnesium-rich and provide stress-relieving properties. They are also nutrients-rich such as high in protein, fats, and fiber help with curbing our appetite to over-snacking.

So the next time you are feeling stressed, grab a packet of natural baked nuts from the pantry and start eating your stress away! Do take note of portion control as well.

Maintaining High-Performance Level

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Have you ever experienced a situation where you felt motivated to work, but your mind was far from operating at a high-performance level? This could be influenced by various factors such as your lifestyle, or the food and snacks you consume regularly.

Here is a tip: we can improve our lifestyle and opt for food or snacks that provide healthy nutrition that helps to improve our cognitive health - a crucial aspect of our brain health.

Having good cognitive health is essential to maintaining a high-performance level at work. It can help increase productivity, enhance your focus and concentration, as well as improve decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

We can start off improving our lifestyle with regular exercise, adequate sleep, and a healthy diet. Highly processed food and snacks contain unhealthy fats, high sugar content, or other artificial ingredients that could negatively affect our cognitive health over time.

You may consider adding more omega-3 fatty acids-rich food or snacks into your diet which are beneficial for cognitive health. Food such as fatty fish like salmon, eggs, or walnuts as snacks are omega-3-rich to help support our overall brain health.

It's time to replace the unhealthy snacks in the office pantry into omega-3-rich nuts! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet will gradually improve your cognitive health ensuring you're always prepared for tough challenges at work.

Poor Food Choices & Skipping Meals

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It's common that often office workers have limited choices and a reliance on fast food restaurants or convenience stores during peak hour. Food from these establishments are very high in calories or lacking in nutrition. It can also contribute to weight gain and causes indigestion. Sometimes, we have no choice but to skip meals, which can affect our work when we feel hungry.

It is not recommended to consume fast food regularly. While other food that are lacking in nutrition, look for snacks in the pantry that are generally healthier to supplement more nutrients to the body.

Try to go for low-calorie food and snacks like salad and pistachios which are high in fiber and proteins and are good options to improve your digestive system and maintain weight so you can be guilt-free when snacking on them.

Another option is to consider purchasing mini packets of Camel Power Bounce or Power Revive of mixed nuts and fruits, portioning out your snacks is a good way to prevent overeating whilst a good snack to fill your snacking desire!

The Transition from Unhealthy Snacks to Nuts

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Transitioning to healthy snacks can be a simple yet impactful step to promote our health and well-being. As unhealthy snacks are everywhere, they can be irresistible at times, the most important thing to take note of is to limit your rations of snacks and practice healthier eating habits by having a better alternative like nuts.

By practicing healthier eating habits, we can increase productivity in work performance as well as enhance our cognitive health and wellness in the long run!

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