Nuts in Singapore with Healthier Choice Symbol a Better Snack Choice

Nuts in Singapore With Healthier Choice Symbol a Better Snack Choice

May 24, 2024

In Singapore, we are spoilt for choices in food, snacks, or beverages, and the accessibility to these consumable products is so much easier with delivery apps. However, we may not realize in the short term that our choices could affect our health without considering the ingredients or nutritional content.

The obesity rate is increasing, affecting not just adults but also younger people. Despite this trend, more health-conscious individuals and families are opting for healthier snack options like nuts, which carry the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS).

Nuts with Healthier Choice Symbols (HCS)

Are you aware there are 41 Healthier Choice labels with different taglines in Singapore? Below is an example of what it looks like:

Examples of the Healthier Choice Symbols label in Singapore that can also be found on nuts product.

Nutritional labeling on food or snack products might not be the easiest to understand with no proper knowledge, and consumers may not pay much attention to the food or snack's nutritional content or even the ingredient list.

The government introduced HCS to act as an easy guide for consumers when purchasing groceries that are a healthier alternative to the food or snacks of a similar group.

Although nuts are known as a healthy snack in Singapore, this might not always be the case. Nuts with added sugar or fats should only be consumed occasionally, and opting for natural baked nuts would be a better option.

Natural Baked Nuts with Healthier Choice Symbol

Camel natural baked nuts in Singapore with the Healthier Choice Symbol.

There are many different types of nuts available in supermarkets or online stores. It can feel overwhelming with so many options, and choosing a healthy one can be challenging.

To kick things off, you can look for packaging with a healthier choice symbol like Camel Natural Baked Nuts* with the lower sodium tagline. The nuts in this range do not have artificial added salt, sugar or fat, and generally have a lower sodium compared to other snacks within the same category.

*Not all of the nuts in the natural baked range contains HCS.

What Does it Means for Nuts With Lower Sodium Taglines?

Camel natural baked almonds with Healthier Choice Symbol - Lower in Sodium.

Nuts with the HCS Lower in Sodium tagline means that it contains at least 25% less sodium compared to similar products in the same category. It is an essential guide for many individuals who have high blood pressure or a family history of heart issues or stroke.

The HCS allows them to choose a food or snack option with lower sodium, intake of high sodium can increase your blood pressure and your risk for heart disease and stroke.

Individuals without pre-existing health conditions can enjoy occasional snacks of salted nuts. However, it's advisable to limit intake of high-sodium snacks and opt for healthier alternatives.

How to Choose Healthy Nuts in Singapore?

Here's a tip for choosing healthy nuts:

  • Choose a nut with an HCS.
  • If without HCS, look for the ingredient list with no added sugar, salt, flavored, etc.
  • Always check with the seller about the ingredients if you have doubts.

Here are some of the nuts to consume occasionally or avoid if you have an existing health condition such as high blood pressure:

  • Deep-fried nuts.
  • Heavily salted or seasoned nuts.

The key is to eat in moderation, and with portion control. Nuts can contribute to high calories with overconsumption, and they are also a nutrition powerhouse.

Are Nuts with Healthier Choice Symbols Reliable?

Food & snack items with the HCS label typically contain lower levels of saturated fat, sodium, and sugar, while being richer in dietary fiber, calcium, and whole grains compared to similar products within the same food or snack category.

To enhance the comprehensiveness of nutrition labeling, each symbol is accompanied by a tagline highlighting the product's nutritional attributes, providing insight into the criteria for its endorsement.

These standards are validated by health authorities or government agencies in Singapore, lending credibility to products bearing these labels. When we choose items with the Healthier Choice Symbol, it assures us of their nutritional quality, instilling confidence in our purchases.

Overall, nuts with the HCS are generally one of the healthier option, as they are highly nutritious. They should be consumed with portion control. You may refer to our natural baked nuts calories table based on the per serving size. Not all products that do not bear with the HCS are "unhealthy", but you may want to pay attention to the ingredient list or nutritional label before making the buying decision.

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