Categorizing the types of nuts and their health benefits

True Nuts and seeds with their benefits.

May 22, 2024
Nut is a broad term we commonly use to describe the different types of seeds. However, they can be categorized into legumes, true nuts, and drupes. Each of the three has its distinct features and health benefits that we will be talking about today.

Legumes (not a nut)

Some nuts are misunderstood as Legumes which is known as a seed.

Legumes are not nuts. Legumes are plants in the  pea or bean family that grow in pods. Peanut, a legume is often mistaken as a nut. 

Compared to nuts and drupes, they have multiple seeds in one shell. Botanically known for being a seed, it is encased in a shell known as a pod. When they are mature, the pods will split open revealing the seeds inside of it.

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The main benefits legumes bring are being rich in plant-based protein and fiber, aiding in blood sugar control and digestion. They are also filled with vitamins and minerals. Some examples are peanuts, broad beans, and green peas.

True Nuts

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Next up is true nuts. True Nuts only have one seed and are botanically labeled a fruit. As the plant ripens, the fruit turns into a hard shell around the seed but it doesn’t split open to release the seed.


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They are filled with healthy fats, some of which our bodies cannot produce. High in vitamins, minerals, and protein. Examples are walnutspecans, and hazelnuts.

Drupes (not a nut)

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Finally, let’s talk about drupes. Like true nuts, they have only one seed and are botanically identified as a fruit. Their differences stem from their fleshy fruit surrounding the seed and containing a pit. The flesh of the fruit is often sun-dried into healthy sweet treats.

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Drupes are great sources of antioxidants and fiber and help improve gut health. Some of which are datesalmonds, cashews, pistachiosplums, and cherries.


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As each of the different categories has distinct health benefits, consuming them will be greatly beneficial for your health! Do try out our Natural Baked Ruby Mix and our Natural Fruits and Nutty Mix for a good combination of true nuts, drupes, and legumes.

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