Kachang Puteh Nuts In Singapore With Amazing History

Kachang Puteh Nuts In Singapore With Amazing History

Jun 28, 2024

Most working adults should have heard of "Kachang Puteh" from our childhood, a mixed snack with various crackers and nuts in Singapore. It was a popular snack back in the day with many street vendors selling it in the marketplace. However, with the era progression, it is rare to spot any kachang puteh street vendors and possibly be forgotten in the future by the newer generation of people.

What is Kachang Puteh Nuts in Singapore?

Kachang Puteh, a Malay term meaning "white nuts," is a delightful mix of nuts, beans, lentils, and crackers. Despite the name, the actual snacks come in a vibrant array of colors. Traditionally sold in paper cones, Kachang Puteh offers a delightful combination of flavors and textures, making it a popular street food enjoyed while walking or sitting down. Below is an overview of the Kachang Puteh snack in Singapore.

Historical Roots

Kachang Puteh is a mixed of nuts, beans, peas and crackers. Historical Singapore 20 century

The Kacang Puteh Seller. Credit: Kamaruddin Abdullah

Kachang Puteh was a popular snack in the 20th century and it was a popular snack up until the 1990s. It originated from an Indian snack called 'Chevdo' which is why most of the vendors were mostly Indian that are dressed in a white sarong.

Beloved Snack

Beloved Snack Singapore Kachang Puteh Nuts

Mr Moorthy tending to his stall. Credit: Ghetto Singapore

The snack is beloved by all ages and races. The kachang puteh sellers are stationed in several locations that have high human traffic such as cinemas, lobbies, schools, public swimming pools, and shopping centers. Gradually, there was a decline in kachang puteh sellers in the 1980s which most can be only found at cinema lobbies and schools.

Kachang puteh holds cultural significance in Singapore, they are also offered as a snack for most occasions or festivals of all religions in the past. However, in today's era, we are spoilt with choices for snack selections which could be one of the reasons that we can hardly find any kachang puteh sellers.

Variety of Nuts & Crackers

Kachang Puteh is a mixed of nuts, beans, peas and crackers.

Kachang Puteh mixes typically include different types of nuts, beans, peas, and crackers, such as peanuts, muruku, chickpeas, beans, green peas, and prawn crackers, with more varieties being added to the selection as the years progress. The combination creates a vibrant mix of colors that are appealing to the eyes, catching the attention of people and enticing their cravings to try the Kachang Puteh.

Kachang Puteh Traditional Packaging

Kachang Puteh nuts traditionally hold in a paper cone.

You might mistake the stall with paper cones for an ice cream vendor, but it could be even better, you might just spot a kachang puteh stall, which is rare to find! Traditionally, they were sold in folded paper cones or packets by roaming street vendors.

Modern Adaptation of Kachang Puteh

Kachang Puteh modern adaption product resemble camel mixed snacks.

While less common on the streets, Kachang Puteh nuts are still sold in markets, stalls, and packaged in stores. Some products like Mixed Snacks with ingredients that resemble the Kacheng Puteh. You may even make your own healthier selection of ingredients by mixing a variety of naturally baked nuts, beans, grams, and peas.

Best For a Healthy Mixed Nuts Kachang Puteh

Kachang Puteh can consist of ingredients that are salted or fried, hence, it may not be suitable for daily consumption. However, you can make simple tweaks to the ingredients and amounts by combining your selections to create a healthier version of Kachang Puteh.

With the abundant choices of nuts in Singapore, you can mix a variety of healthier nuts that are uncommon for Kachang Puteh such as honey pecans, unshelled baked pistachios, macadamias, and walnuts.


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