Article: 10 Healthy Office Pantry Snacks

10 Healthy Office Pantry Snacks

Jul 08, 2024

We all know that one colleague who always snacks, and they still look great! While most of us must monitor ourselves for snacking too much and worrying about putting on that extra inch on our waist.

Snacks may not necessarily be bad for us, but the snack choice will make a difference. Avoiding junk snacks and opting for healthier snacks will help satisfy our snacking urge and not deprive us of eating our favorite snack.

Best Office Snacks That Are Healthy

Below are ten snacks that are a better alternative to junk snacks.

1. Nuts

#1 Healthy office pantry snacks: Nuts

The wide variety of nuts selections would make snacking more interesting, and they also provide healthy nutrition which includes protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. You may even create your version of mixed nuts with the combination of your favorite nuts in a serving!

2. Dark Chocolate

#1 Healthy office pantry snacks: Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are generally high in calories and fats, however, this does not mean we can't snack with them. By choosing dark chocolate, which is generally lower in sugar, they are a better alternative to milk chocolate which usually has sugar added. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and offer the benefit of stimulating the release of endorphins, which can improve mood and feelings of well-being.

3. Protein Bars

#1 Healthy office pantry snacks: Protein Bars

Contrary to beliefs, protein bars can be eaten even if you are not a gym-holic or are the best athlete. Most of the protein bars are low in sugar and provide an excellent amount of protein and a lower amount of calories as compared to other sweetened snack bars. They can keep you from hunger and satisfy sweet craves.

4. Apple Slices with Nut Butter

#1 Healthy office pantry snacks:  Apple Slices with Nut Butter

Here's a snack hack! Create your version of nut butter that is healthier and slice an apple to go with the nut butter. Trust us, it's a heavenly flavor combination. The sweet taste of the apple and the nutty flavour of the nut creates the perfect balance!

5. Greek Yogurt

#1 Healthy office pantry snacks: Greek Yogurt

Ditch the chips! Grab a cup of Greek yogurt for a healthy office snack. It's packed with protein to keep you satisfied, calcium for strong bones and teeth, and probiotics to improve our gut and digestion. Top it with your favorites - berries, granola, or nuts to make it even more delicious!

6. Natural Fruits

#1 Healthy office pantry snacks: Natural Fruits

There's nothing quite like a whole, sweet piece of fruit for a natural snack. However, while fruit beverages are popular, they can lead to high sugar intake because more fruit is typically used to make them. Fruits, on the other hand, are packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals to fuel your body.

7. Hard-boiled Eggs

#1 Healthy office pantry snacks: Hard-boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a perfect healthy office snack – effortless to prepare, low in calories, and packed with nutrients! Make a batch at home and bring them conveniently to work for a satisfying pick-me-up.

8. Peanut

#1 Healthy office pantry snacks: Peanuts

While nuts were mentioned previously, peanuts are not nuts, they are a type of legume, and these little treats are packed with nutrients. These nutrients provide us with the energy and sustain for the day!

9. Cottage Cheese

#1 Healthy office pantry snacks: Cottage Cheese

Cheese is generally high in fats and calories however, cottage cheese is the exception! Compared to the other cheeses, cottage cheese contains lower calories but still packs a protein punch. There are also fat-free alternatives available that make it even better!

10. Oatmeal

#1 Healthy office pantry snacks: Oatmeal

Oatmeal is often associated with seniors, but it's for good reasons! They are simple to prepare and a good source of fiber, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals. Oatmeal is easily digested and they have a low glycemic index that prevents sugar crush.

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Moderation is Key to Healthy Snacking

Regardless of the type of snack, moderation is important. Even healthy snacks can have side effects and contribute to weight gain if eaten in excess. Most junk snacks are empty calorie, which means they provide minimal nutrition for our body with high calories.

Opting for a healthier snack would provide us macro and micronutrients that can be beneficial to our health. So, next time you reach for a snack, consider these points!

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