Durian or Nuts The Best Creamy Match This Season

Durian or Nuts? The Best Creamy Match This Season

Jul 12, 2024

It's the season for the king of fruit - Durian! One of the seasons that we, durian lovers look forward to the most, and the fun of hanging out together to eat these creamy and sweet bitter delicacies. But for the durian haters, don't worry! The nuts can be your best alternative with a similar creamy texture and a hint of sweetness, offering a delightful alternative for those who enjoy the creamy aspect of durian.

Love-Hate Relationship with Durian

The love & hate relationship with durian.

For the durian haters, what could be worse than the smell of it? This is why you can see signs from our local public transport restricting to bring durian onboard.

However, for the durian lovers, it smells heavenly and irresistible to grab one to eat. Durian is known as the king of fruits due to its exterior appearance with the tough spikes and the overpowering smell. Compared to the other fruits, it is one of the creamiest flesh and with an unmatched sweet bitter taste.

Although The King of Fruits has many positive reviews, here are some interesting facts or myths about durian.

Facts About Durian

Durians are calorie-dense and they are packed with high calories. An average 1 kg-sized durian can rack up to 68% of the daily 2,000-calorie recommended intake of an average adult. However, durians are rich in nutrition and they are high in fats, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber.

The high carbohydrate content may not be suitable for people with diabetes. The reason is because durian contains high sugar content, it is also recommended to consume in moderation for most people.

Myths About Durian

From the old folks, we always hear from them that durian contains high cholesterol and we should limit our consumption. Contrary to belief, durian does not contain cholesterol. The high monounsaturated (healthy) fats help to lower the bad LDL cholesterol.

Not a Huge Fan of Durian? Enter Creamy Nuts!

Not a fan of durian? Try nuts!

Nuts are the perfect alternative for durian for its rich nutrition sweet bitter flavor and creamy texture. Here are some nuts that would fit nicely!

1. Macadamias

Craving buttery richness without the creaminess? Macadamia nuts are your answer! These smooth nuts offer a satisfying crunch with a hint of sweetness and a luxurious buttery flavor.

2. Walnuts

A bolder, earthier alternative with a hint of cream! Walnuts boast a rich, earthy flavor with a satisfying crunch. They offer a complex texture that's both slightly creamy and delightfully crunchy, perfect for those who enjoy a deeper taste sensation compared to durian's sweetness.

3. Pistachios

Fun and flavorful! Pistachios are bright green with a unique texture. They're surprisingly smooth and melt-in-your-mouth, but unlike durian, they offer a delightful crunch and a hint of sweetness.

4. Cashews

Crunchy surprise! While cashews are known for their creamy texture in dips and butter, the whole nut offers a pleasant crunch with a mild, slightly sweet flavor. They're a great alternative to durian's overwhelming creaminess.

Nuts Win: A Delicious Durian Alternative

Nuts are great alternative snack other than durian.

Durian lovers, rejoice! It's durian season and that creamy sweetness is back. But for those of us who find the smell a bit much, there's a delicious alternative: nuts!

Nuts offer a similar creamy texture and a touch of sweetness, all without the overpowering durian aroma. Plus, they're packed with nutrition, making them a lighter and healthier snack option. So skip the durian and grab some nuts - your taste buds and fellow passengers will thank you!

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