Purchase wholesale camel nuts in Singapore and fill your office pantry snacks with them.

Best Nuts For Wholesale Office Pantry Snacks Buy & Great Savings

Jun 03, 2024

With the growing trend of health-conscious living, today's workers are more likely to prefer healthy snack options over typical crackers or chocolates. While these traditional snacks may be tasty, their high calorie and low nutritional content make them unhealthy for daily consumption and can contribute to weight gain over time.

Camel nuts are perfect for office pantry snacks, offering 50 years of excellence in producing the best nuts in Singapore. With our highest quality assurance and healthy nutrition, Camel also provides wholesale options for corporations looking to stock their office pantries with nutritious snacks.

Why Choose Camel Nuts for your Office Pantry Snacks?

Camel nuts shelving display and this could be your office pantry snacks as well.

Here are the five reasons why you should choose Camel nuts for your office pantry snacks:

1. Variety of Nuts

Camel offers a wide variety of nuts with diverse flavors, ensuring you'll never get bored of the same snack every day. Our nuts come in convenient mini packets of up to 36g, the perfect serving size for individual consumption. These nutrient-rich snacks help curb hunger and provide a healthy energy boost throughout the day.

2. Nuts are Energy Booster

Nuts are affordable energy boosters thanks to their nutrient-packed profile. They're rich in protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, offering a sustained release of energy that keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Plus, their abundance of micronutrients like magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins supports energy metabolism, making them a cost-effective and nutritious snack choice for fueling your day.

3. Convenient Mini Nuts Packet

Our mini nuts pack, available in bundles of 20, comes in a convenient 36g size with options such as roasted cashews, naturally baked pistachios, and honey almonds. Additionally, our Power Bounce and Power Revive varieties come in a 250g bag containing 10 individually packaged 25g packets, perfect for snacking on the go!

The mini packets are perfectly portioned for individual consumption and sealed to maintain ultimate freshness, ensuring a delicious and nutritious snack experience every time.

4. Nuts are a Nutrition Powerhouse

Nuts are like tiny nutrient bombs in every serving! They're packed with only the good stuff like protein for muscles, healthy fats for energy, and fiber for digestion.

They're loaded with vitamins and minerals that keep your body functioning smoothly. So, with just one handful, you're getting a powerful punch of nutrition that helps you feel great inside and out.

5. Health Benefits of Nuts

When eaten in moderation, nuts make the perfect office pantry snacks, offering numerous health benefits due to their rich nutrient content.

Nuts such as almonds and cashews are high in magnesium, which provides stress-relieving properties.

Walnuts, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, improve cognitive health and enhance focus and concentration.

Additionally, protein-rich nuts like pistachios help you feel fuller longer, preventing overeating compared to other empty-calorie snacks.

Here is a summary of the health benefits nuts provide:

  • Heart health.
  • Improved cholesterol levels.
  • Brain health.
  • Digestive health.
  • Weight management.

By adding a variety of nuts into your diet, you can enjoy these benefits while keeping your snack choices exciting and nutritious.

Wholesale Nuts in Singapore For Corporation

Camel provide wholesale nuts for corporation bulk buy as office pantry snacks, gift or events.

Camel offers wholesale nuts in Singapore for corporate bulk purchases. We provide free delivery and customer service to assist corporations with ordering. You can purchase our nuts for office pantry snacks, as gifts, or for event purposes.

Corporate Wholesale Order

Camel offers corporate wholesale orders, providing premium nuts in bulk. Perfect for stocking up the office pantries or supplying events, our wholesale service ensures top-quality nuts at competitive prices, tailored to your company's needs. Most importantly, we strive to introduce our nuts to many corporations so staff can enjoy delicious and nutritious healthy snacks!

Subscription Recurring Order

Keep your office pantry stocked effortlessly with our subscription recurring order service. Choose your favorite nuts and delivery frequency, and we'll handle the rest. Enjoy a steady supply of healthy snacks without the hassle of reordering.

However, terms and conditions apply. Please let us know if you're interested in our subscription recurring order, and we will advise you accordingly.

Delivery Service

We provide free delivery service with only a $100 minimum purchase and ensure your nuts arrive fresh and on time, right to your doorstep.

Our in-house customer service team is here to assist you and make the delivery process smooth and convenient.

You can also let us know your preferred delivery date and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

About Us

In 1974, Mr. Poh Ah Seng and Mdm. Ong Siew Hua founded the Camel Brand, driven by their passion for quality and healthy snacks. Starting in a backyard, they gained firsthand expertise in the entire process, from manufacturing to traditional nut roasting. Their dedication to understanding the market and perfecting their techniques established Camel as a trusted name, offering a wide selection of healthy and tasty nuts.

Today, Camel Nuts is Singapore's largest and only nut manufacturing company, known for fresh, wholesome, and delicious snacks. We pride ourselves on delivering the finest quality nuts, sourced from top accredited farmers worldwide. As a Made With Passion brand, Camel represents excellence and a commitment to bringing out the natural goodness in every snack. Celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, we invite you to stock your office pantry with Camel nuts. Please feel free to write to us!

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