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Order and Returns

At Camel Nuts, we are committed to deliver all items 3-5 business days AFTER the orders have been paid.
In the unlikely event of the product(s) being out of stock, we will provide you with credits on our website of equivalent value to the amount that you had paid. :
As we are in the business of selling food products, all products are strictly non returnable except in cases whereby:
  • Product(s) delivered is/are different from what was agreed in the sales agreement/invoice, in which we will provide the correct products. In this case, please refrain from opening the original packaging.
  • Products delivered are in not good quality, in which we will provide a 1-for-1 exchange. In this case, please retain the original packaging for our tracing purposes.
  • Camel Nuts reserves the right not to provide any returns if the conditions set forth above are not met.